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Here are few recent music releases on the Elite label.

Here are some of our new releases, which you can find in over 150 online music stores, including the following: iTunes Sony Entertainment Vevo Google Play Amazon on demand Youtube Amazon mp3 Tesco Digital Rhapsody 7digital Beats Music JB-HiFi Spotify Deezer HMV Digital Rdio Wimp Shazam Click on label images to hear a track (streaming only available for unplublished tracks*)
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Carlos Kaehler Live Album -
Carlos Kaehler
Intelligent Design EP - Sixth
Floor View
Twisted - The Soundtrack
Stranger - Lee Landers
I Don’t Wanna Know EP -
Aaron Norton
Body Perfect - Crazy Dance
4 Play EP - Solid State Drive
Soul Takers EP -
The secret pianist
* We are unable to stream tracks registered with the PPL (applies to the UK) or similar agencies worldwide that collect royalties on behalf of performers and record companies for the use of their recorded music. This does not apply to tracks registered with the PRS (in the UK) or similar agencies that collect royalties on behalf of songwriters composers and music publishers, for the use of their musical compositions and lyrics; Elite Recordings has the permission of the composers to stream such tracks. 
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