Also to be featured are articles

and tutorials on songwriting

and other aspects of original

music production  

Anything useful you’d like to share? If you see anything interesting and informative online that you wish to share with other members of the recording artist community, we’ll be glad to hear from you and post it here on the website, as long as it’s not of a sales nature.  How to get in touch with us Simply email us: Tel. (Available only to existing clients)

Mastering Advice

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding more and more

independent articles and tutorials on audio mastering. Elite Recordings does

not endorse, nor are we affiliated with the makers of this content or the

products therein, but the reason we have included them is that we did find

them interesting and informative and feel they may be useful to recording

artists. Where possible, we try to ensure that free software is featured, with

no trial period. 

Free VST Plugins for Mastering (12:45) By MakeYourOwnDamnMusic
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Mastering With Free Plugins! - Mastering Monday (1:06:33) By The Noise Floor
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