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There are plenty of informative articles and helpful tutorials online about writing and recording original music, but it can take a lot of searching to find anything out there that’s not designed to sell a particular product. In the coming weeks and months, Elite Recordings is planning to scour the internet in search of quality, independent tutorials and articles from experts and enthusiasts in the fields of songwriting, studio recording, music production, mixing and mastering. Keeping it simple We’ll be featuring all levels of advice, from basic, easy-to-follow content on using studio equipment to information aimed at more advanced users of audio production software. However, we’ll be careful not to include badly presented, over-complicated content in favour of step-by-step, easy to follow advice. We won’t be offering any advice ourselves, all the articles and tutorials will come from independent sources, in most cases totally unconnected to Elite Recordings, though some may be from people we know in the music business or from our recording artists, from whom we’ll be happy receive any help or advice they wish to pass on. So, watch out for some great information to help you make the best of your recordings. View mastering advice In addition, the Elite Recordings blog will be launched soon and will carry news, articles and features from Elite Recordings and guest bloggers. How to get in touch with us Simply email us: eliterecordlabel@gmail.com Tel. (Available only to existing clients)


There are no up-front fees with Elite Recordings, and all our recording artists

are completely free agents, they’re never tied into anything - we sign a

contract, not them.

Our standard percentage rate for artists is an amazing 80% of what

we earn for track sales from our distributors! 

We have two main pricing options, standard and plus. The standard option is

for tracks we do not master ourselves and allows recording artists to earn a

higher percentage of royalties we receive from online music distributors. The

plus option is for tracks that have been mastered by Elite Recordings.

A lot of work goes into running a music label, but then so does recording

your songs, so for our standard option, we feel 80/20 in the artist’s favour

(after the distributor has earned their percentage) is a fair split between label

and artist, in fact you’d be hard pressed to get a better percentage than that

from a label. We pay the up-front fees to distributors where applicable. In

such cases, a percentage earned by the distributor is not usually applicable.

Our Percentage Online music distributors earn their percentage from both plays and downloads of priced recordings of course. The remaining percentage is paid to the label and the recording artist is then paid their percentage by the label. Playing a track might only cost a few pence, whereas downloading can cost anything from between 50p and 79p up to around £1.20 for high bitrate recordings by well known artists, with lower bitrate recordings often avialable costing substantially less. These are just approximate figures of course, prices can vary quite a bit from one company to another. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mastering “uncovered There’s no doubt that mastering using specially developed software can improve the sound of a track, especially regarding many, if not all dance music genres, but contrary to popular belief among many in the popular music recording fraternity, in our opinion, track mastering, especially software mastering, is very often unecessary. We feel that recording artists very often just accept it as a necessary process without questioning the reasons behind it. If you listen to a track that’s been mastered and compare it to the unmastered version, there’s usually quite a big difference, but whether it’s an improvement or not is not always clear. If there is an obvious improvement, could it not be that things were missed in production - we feel that’s most often the case and in those instances, we’d say that mastering is of course worthwhile.   When we review tracks, we believe we can ascertain whether they have been well produced or if we feel there are improvements that could be made by manual mastering. It’s possible that those tracks might only need slight adjustments to certain eq levels such as low and/or high frequencies to compensate for lack of bass and/or brightness. There has to be a reason for changing the overall sound of a track, it shouldn’t be done just as a matter of course as many seem to believe, not in our opinion anyway - “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current charges and percentages The following percentages (after distributor charges) apply in all cases: Elite Recordings Standard Track mastering is not available with this package Elite Recordings: 20%   Recording artist: 80%  There is no charge for minor adjustments to eq levels and we feel it’s often the case that this is all that’s required for a track to become suitable for release. If we feel for example, that it’s sufficient to simply tweak low and/or high frequencies, thereby compensating for lack of bass and/or brightness, we will advise you of this and ask your permission to do so. There is a time element to this, but in order to avoid the extra cost to our artists, we’re quite happy to offer the service for free. Elite Recordings Plus Tracks will be manually mastered with this package Elite Recordings: 20%   Recording artist: 80% Mastering: £40 (in total) for up to 6 tracks, £60 (in total) for 7 to 12 tracks (There are no up front fees - the mastering fee will be taken when your share of royalties received from distributors for the group of tracks involved in a particular mastering project reaches the amount of your mastering fee)    Elite Recordings Extra Tracks will be manually mastered with this package Elite Recordings: 40%   Recording artist: 60% Mastering included (your percentage will be increased to 80% when our share of royalties received from distributors for the group of tracks involved in a particular mastering project has reached the following amount): £40 if we mastered up to 6 tracks £60 if we mastered between 7 and 12 tracks The plans that include mastering may be a little complicated, but these options allow us to offer our artists a mastering service without having to charge up front fees.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our standard rates may change from time to time, but until a new agreement is reached and as long as there is still an agreement in place, recording artists will continue to be paid the agreed percentage as stated in the currently appllicable signed Payment and Terms document we sign and send them. The Payment and Terms document we send to our artists lasts for a period of one year, after which time, we sign and send our artists a new document, containing any changes that might apply. Percentages may be re-negotiated upon renewal, but we must stress that we don’t have a policy of automatically increasing our prices upon renewal. Any increases (or reductions for that matter) will be in line with our current standard prices, but even if our current standard prices increase, we will maintain your percentage for the following year if we possibly can. Artists can choose to leave the label at any time without being penalised in any way. They will receive the agreed percentage of all sales from their tracks through the label, even if the actual agreement period has expired. Our mastering service Elite Recordings offers a mastering service, where we use manual monitoring techniques, adjusting volume and eq levels to enhance 2 channel (stereo) audio tracks, making them suitable for public distribution. Well produced tracks may not require much, if any adjustment through mastering, sometimes simply normalizing and tweaking eq levels will suffice. We believe an experienced ear can produce good results. We will not master tracks if we feel that it is not necessary or that for any reason it would be too time consuming. There is, in our opinion, a big misconception surrounding track mastering. For dance music, various problems with audio equipment can be caused if a track has not been mastered, but in the case of most other types of music, those dangers most likely will never exist. If a track is well produced and the volume levels are not excessive, there is no need to doing any mastering or anything else to it, it’s often an expensive luxury that results in no discerrnable improvement to the sound, but you’re being told “You definitely need it done!”. When we’ve mastered a track and before we submit it to music distributors, we email the recording artist a clip of the file in high quality WAV format to obtain their permission to do so. If we feel a track we’ve been sent is below the required quality to use, we will inform the recording artist that we cannot use it. As our name suggests, we only deal in quality recordings. Cover images Most recording artists have their own cover artwork for tracks, eps or albums, and we’re happy to use it, but we will need to edit their artwork in some way. At a minimum, we’ll need to add the Elite logo, but we invariably have to resize the image. Even if there’s no actual cover artwork, the artist can usually provide an image that we can use for the cover. It’s important to note that, if a third party image is used, permission must be granted by the copyright owner. When do we pay our recording artists? Most distributors are very prompt payers, but many have a minimum threshold of sales before they pay labels. We pay our recording artists: Every month if their account balance reaches £20.00 or $30.00 Or if that balance is not reached: Every quarter (3 months) Each individual month has the £20.00/$30.00 threshold, it is not cumulative for triggering payments, these are made manually and we have to have these payment periods in place to avoid excessive admin time. If however, you require payment sooner than the 3 months if say, your balance has reached £50/$75, I’m sure there’ll be no problem. Payment methods We can either pay by Paypal or directly into your bank account.
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