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No matter how good your songs are, if you want people to play them online or download them, making the best possible recordings is paramount. Here at Elite, we only deal with what we consider good songs that have been recorded to a decent standard. We spend a lot of time reviewing songs and unfortunately, most tracks don’t make it past the first 10 seconds. There may well be something good about those particular tracks, but achieving a listenable product is a real skill and like everything, it’s a learning curve getting to that stage. Following or setting trends? As a label, we’re not looking to follow trends, we’d rather be setting them. The way we see it, if everyone always follows trends, you can end up with a load of sameness and possibly not much good music breaking through. We promote quality for it’s own sake because we believe in the power of good music. Is there a thriving music industry? Well, there could be, there’s enough real talent out there. No matter what you think of the charts, if you take an hour or two to listen to some of the unsigned music out there on the net, you’ll hear how good some of it is. The internet might be flooded with music by people trying it out for themselves (not all good), but there is real quality out there, though sadly not often recognised. It’s fun having your music out there on the net, even if it’s not getting many plays or earning you any money, but if it’s good music, it seems a shame not to make the most of it. Times have changed and there are different opportunities with the advent of the internet, it’s possible to reach a wide audience with recordings made solely on a computer, without having to get your songs published and prove yourself to a major record company. In some ways, there’s never been a better time to be a recording artist. How to get in touch with us Simply email us: Tel. (Available only to existing clients)

Recording artists - Get signed up!

Link us to your tracks and if we like what we hear, you can be signed onto

the Elite label. No setup fees, contracts (no exclusivity) - We simply earn a

percentage of profit for the streaming and downloading of your tracks.

Never sold your music before? Making money from your recordings may seem a bit of a mountain to climb, especially if, like a lot of recording artists, you’ve had quality recordings out there for ages in the big, wide world of the internet without much success from either plays or downloads. A lot of artists are happy to give their music away for free and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a great feeling to have people listening to your songs. But if you can make money from your recordings, why not, and having a record label behind you can often have a positive effect. We at Elite have been in the music business online since 2011 with our live music booking service Elite Acts and for many years previously, booking local acts into venues and as musicians, performing live music and making original recordings of our own songs. Music is our life and working in music will always be more than just a business. View our pricing Do we deal in cover versions? Not generally, our stock-in-trade is our recording artists’ original music, that way we know we’re not breaking any copyright laws. There are exceptions, with some music distributors offering a service where they can sell cover versions, usually for an additional fee.   We use various online music distributors, who make our track releases available for streaming and/or downloading in over 150 online music stores, including the following: iTunes Sony Entertainment Vevo Google Play Amazon on demand Youtube Amazon mp3 Tesco Digital Rhapsody 7digital Beats Music JB-HiFi Spotify Deezer HMV Digital Rdio Wimp Shazam Promotional platforms Elite Recordings aims to promote its releases through campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vevo, Instagram and on our website, our blog and our sister websites. Elite Recordings Promotional Videos In order to offer a visual promotional platform; something that can be posted on social media and expanded on in blog posts etc, we like to make promo videos in conjuction with our artists when they release tracks, EP’s or albums. We’ve only just starting releasing these videos, but the analytical data we’ve received so far suggests that they can boost sales of music releases. It is however, important that artists do their own promotion of these videos on Youtube, Twitter etc and don’t just rely on our promotion. We can only produce these videos if we have video footage to start with of course, we cannot provide the video footage ourselves. You don’t necessarily have to go to the trouble of sending us a copy of your video footage. As long as you own the copyright or have the permission of the copyright owner to use the footage and as long as there’s no reason preventing us from doing so, we can always download it from a website with your permission.  Our forthcoming radio station Soon we’ll be launching an online radio station called Elite Acts Radio, where we plan to feature only recording artists on the Elite label. When an artist joins the label (rights permissions allowing), they will be invited to have their tracks included in the playlist.
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How to submit your tracks

It’s simple, just email us, including a link to your recordings.

Before you submit any music to us, please bear in mind that at some stage, we will always need a high quality recording of every track submitted; ideally

in high quality wav format or possibly a high quality ogg or flac file. Also, very importantly, we usually only accept original compositions, not cover

versions, unless prior permission has been obtained from the copyright owner to use their tracks, and you can prove that to us. There can be exceptions,

but we tend to deal with those cases on an individual basis. Ultimately, we have to ensure that there are no copyright breaches and composers and

publishers recieve their royalties.

What do we look for when we listen to your tracks?

When we evaluate tracks, we listen for the the obvious things like the quality of the song itself, the musicianship and the quality of the mix. If you’ve

linked us to a good quality wav file, we can judge the quality of the recording and know whether it’s of a high enough standard for the various music

disributors we use. However, with mp3’s, even if they’re of the best quality (320 kbps), we can only make an initial judgement, although it can give a good

indication of the quality of the high quality file we’ll eventually hear.

Once we’ve heard the music you’ve linked us to, If we’d like what we hear and think it has potential for inclusion on the label, we’ll email you asking you

to send us a high quality recording of the track to our email address via a file sending service, but don’t worry about that, we can discuss that at the time.

It’s a simple process and won’t cost you a penny. There are a few different file sending options available, so it’s never any problem. In the email, we will

also state that you give us permission to sell your tracks and in sending us any tracks, you agree to that fact and you would therefore be responsible for

any copyright breaches, not Elite Recordings, who in releasing your tracks is acting in good faith that you’ve informed us of the facts. In the rare case of

cover versions, there will be an appropriate inclusion in the terms.

At what point do we release tracks we receive?

Before we release any initial track, we send a signed declaration to the recording artist by post (or email if preferred), outlining the terms of our

distribution and sale of that track and subsequent tracks, including agreed percentages of profit made from the track (after distributor fees). Unlike the

vast majority of record labels, we do not restrict or stop the distribution of other copies of tracks on our label. Our recording artists are free to distribute

the music they have on the Elite Recordings label as they wish or are permitted to do by other record labels or companies with whom they are bound by

agreements. Elite Recordings, not being expected to be aware of any such agreements with other parties, cannot be held responsible for releasing tracks

already under agreement for sole, limited or restricted distribution.     

If you have some great music you’d like us to consider for the label, link us to it and we’ll take it from there.

If we have already listened to your music online and said you can send us tracks, we may have directed you to the following page: easy-steps (opens in

a new browser window).

For advice on how to maximise your chances of selling your music, please visit our “Your Tracks” page:   Your Tracks To read what some of our artists have to say about us, please visit our “Testimonials” page:   Testimonials

The radio station will only be aired at specified times, probably from 2pm to 10pm 7 days a week. Until

further notice, only tracks that are not PPL registered will be played on the station, this is due to licencing

restrictions. You can find more information at: 

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