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Soul Takers EP is now available on iTunes, Amazon and over 150 other online music stores.
“I’m no poet, but sometimes words just seem to flow. In the same way when I sit down at the piano. I generally mess about with chords or play a drum pattern which lets my mind give direction to my hands. I remember coming home one night after watching ‘phantom of the opera’, which was playing in London. Inspired by the production I started playing around with some deep minor chords and in a few minutes I seem to have developed the start of my song, Soul Takers. Once I have a basic idea where a song or tune is going, I find it fairly easy to expand on the theme which I did over the course of the next few days. I never write it down, instead just store the pattern in my mind. Usually within a week I have the song well and truly mastered apart, maybe for a few minor changes. I often create a song around a drum pattern. I generally work around a 4/4 drum beat, yet I find that the song usually changes time signature many times throughout the song. It’s something I have realized that happens, rather instinctively. I happen to find this out when working with one of the producers. He was trying to put the music score politically correct for a session drummer to work through the song. The drummer commented that he had never worked with such a difficult piece. I did not realize that at the time when writing the song, but It would appears that most, if not all of my compositions carry a very similar element of difficulty. Hopefully when you do, if you do that is, listen to my compositions you will hopefully ‘not’ find them difficult to listen to as my soul intention are to make the pieces very pleasing to the ear. I completed the Soul Takers song about a year or so ago but like any song, at some point in time they do need to be developed further. Now the obvious route for me was to work with producers and engineers within a recording studio. I’ve never tried to over engineer any song, I would rather there be a strong melodic influence. I suppose in a way that does make me slightly different as I’m letting the music establish the direction of the song rather the engineer driving it forward. I’m no established artist, so please don’t get me wrong. There are great producers influencing songs that turn out to be a masterpiece. However, I’m very old school so melody for me is the key ingredient. Shortly after writing the Soul Takers tune, and having it finely tuned in the studio I kind of put it on the shelf for a while as I carried on writing other songs. Now somewhere, don’t ask me when, I meet Phil over the internet. I can’t remember how it came about, but it appears he was looking for an instrumental for a project in a short film. I sent across a few tracks and thought nothing more of it. He picked up on the Soul Takers track and said he would love to put his interpretation to the music and he had this idea about a grave yard scene. I kind of left him to it and within a few months he produced the Soul Takers video. I liked the result which influenced me towards the direction of writing more instrumentals. I probably have about a hour plus of instrumentals now and their all beginning to take shape within the studio. So keep me in your radar as I’m planning some interesting instrumentals in the future.  Now, the one important development of late has been the introduction of Lee, of Elite Recordings. I saw an advert requesting songwriters to download material for the Record Label. Well I downloaded a number of tracks and after a few weeks received an email suggesting that the label would be interested in releasing a couple of them. Well, that seem to me, to be the obvious progression and the Soul Takers track along with a melodic piece called Henry VIII have now been released and are now available to buy on line.  I wrote Henry VIII for my dad who was actually called Henry. My parents always encouraged me from an early age so what better way to repay them, by writing a song, dedicated to them. I’ve written another for my mum, who loved her garden, so it’s called Beautiful Garden’s. That is still in the melting pot awaiting its finishing touches at the studio.  So, please have a listen to these two tracks and also have a look at the video which is available to view through the Elite Recordings label. So now you have read a little bit about me, I repeat, I’m no poet, so therefore not a man of words but simply a man with a few tunes, lots of ambition, and is now looking to be heard.  The last piece of the jigsaw is a big thanks to mum and dad, unfortunately no longer with me. However, they brought me the Log cabin which stands at the end of the garden from where I create my symphony of tunes. If it was not for that, I maybe would have never become The secret pianist.”

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